How-to: Replace quarter window latch

Replacing an old broken quarter window latch with one of our new reproduction ones.

Remove the old latch from the car. I'll assume you are capable of working out how to remove the old latch and if not then you probably shouldn't be trying to replace it with a new one.

You will need a few tools: Hammer, pin punches (3mm & 4mm are good sizes to use), needle nose pliers, a socket or similar and a block of wood.

Support under one of the roll pins with your socket or similar and knock out the pin. Repeat for the second pin. When removing the smaller pin be careful as the metal hinge part is not very strong and is easily bent.

Once both pins are out you can clean up the metal parts as necessary.

Now it's time to install the metal hinge parts into your new plastic bit.

Note: Test the roll pins in the new latch before assemble. They should slip through the holes in the plastic latch with no more than finger pressure. If they are too tight, do not force them through! Find an appropriate size drill or round file and enlarge the holes *slightly*. You don't want the pins to flop around but you want them to be able to rotate in the holes.

As the sides of the plastic part are not flat you will have to support it on the edge of a piece of wood or similar to avoid breaking it when installing the larger roll pin. Tap the larger roll pin into place. Use the 4mm pin punch at the end to avoid hammering the plastic.

The smaller roll pin is best installed with a pair of needle-nose pliers as the pressed steel hinge is easily bent and hammering on the pin will inevitably bend it.

Once the latch is reassembled it can be reattached to the car.

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