How-to: Replace rear view mirror base

Replacing a broken rear view mirror base.

Test the new base on your mirror before mounting it to the car. The mirror fits onto the base very snugly and takes a little bit of force to mount but should still slide on without much trouble.

*Important*: If it feels like the base will need a lot of force applied to it to slide onto the mirror then stop. Drop the base into a container of hot waster for 10 to 20 seconds. This will soften it slightly. While still warm you should be able to slide the base onto your mirror quite easily. Once it has cooled, remove it from the mirror and the base will be moulded to your mirror.

With the early type the mirror slides down from the edge of the base. Note the arrows on it that show you which end to start mounting the mirror from. When mounted on the car the arrows face upwards.

The later type mirror mounts on its base from half way instead of the side. Engage the mirror from half way down the base then it only moves a short distance to engage with the mounting fingers. Note the chamfered corners on the fingers. These are the first points of the fingers to engage with the mirror.

Once you have successfully test fitted the base to your mirror you can remove it and mount it to the car.

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